Coronavirus cases are surging in the United States, surpassing 50 million cases and 800,000 deaths since the pandemic began. The number of cases and hospitalizations has significantly increased in recent weeks.

Under former President Donald Trump, a surge in cases was seen as a sign of failed presidential leadership during the pandemic. Who can forget channels like CNN and MSNBC constantly evoking daily case numbers as proof he did a bad job? Yet, with President Joe Biden in office, those same rules don’t seem to apply. All of a sudden, COVID case surges are not an indictment of a president's handling of the pandemic.

After targeting Trump, the media messaging targeted “red states” when there were COVID surges. But, once again, these standards never applied to states with Democrat governors (or “blue” states). The fact is Democrats played games with the pandemic and weaponized case surges for political gains. They decisively indoctrinated millions of people into aligning a surge in cases with failed Republican leadership — even though, in reality, that was never true. Millions of people were duped.

Now, in the last week of 2021, COVID cases are hitting record levels, but the narrative of how this is a consequence of failed leadership is no longer applicable.

The logic and standards used to criticize and condemn Trump — many blamed him for killing hundreds of thousands of people — no longer apply to Biden and Democrats. All of a sudden, the “science” changed its course and narrative.

Furthermore, this shift in narrative comes after Vice President Kamala Harris admitted the Biden administration was unprepared and “didn’t see” the emergence of various COVID variants coming. Had Trump or anyone in his administration stated such a thing, or any Republican governor, the Democrats and their accomplices in the media would have branded them incompetent leaders with blood on their hands.

Democrats used a deadly pandemic for political gain. They exploited the unavoidable deaths of hundreds of thousands to scare millions into voting for Biden in 2020.

They never cared about surging cases. They never believed Trump was actually responsible. They only used the situation to stoke fear and create political advantage.