Inside the Supreme Court, the lawyers defending the so-called right to abortion are arguing that although abortion has costs, it is a necessary practice to which women must have access if they are to be treated equally under the law.

Outside the Supreme Court, abortion advocates are making it clear that they don’t see abortion as a necessary evil, but as a positive good. At least one protester held a sign bragging about the abortion she had. Another sign, in reference to a popular meme, shows a depressed man who ”thinks abortion is bad” while the other man, who is smiling, “thinks abortion is rad.”

At one point, the group of abortion advocates started chanting, “Abortion pills forever.” Four women, who were a part of the group Shout Your Abortion, stepped forward and swallowed what appeared to be abortion pills in front of a flag that read, “We are taking abortion pills forever.”

There should be little doubt that, if these activists had their way, abortion would be made available on-demand at every stage of pregnancy. They don’t just tolerate abortion; they celebrate it as if it has no effect on the unborn child whose life it ends or the mother who is forced into such an awful choice.

To be sure, not everyone who considers themselves pro-choice is this extreme. In fact, I’d bet the majority of proponents of legal abortion would prefer to return to the “safe, legal, and rare” standard of bygone days. But they’re not the ones defining the debate; the activists outside the Supreme Court are.

Unfortunately, they’ve been pretty successful. Just last year, New York made it legal for women to obtain abortions well into their second trimester of pregnancy, even though at that stage, children are already viable — able to survive outside the womb with medical intervention.

That's the direction in which the abortion movement is headed (abortions at any stage of pregnancy, for whoever wants one, with no restrictions whatsoever) unless the Supreme Court allows states to put a stop to it.