So apparently "win the future" isn't the tagline from the latest big budget Phillip K. Dick adaptation to come out of Hollywood, but rather the phrase was shaping up to be an Obama slogan. Unfortunately for the President, a conservative activist in Oregon owns the relevant domain names:

President Barack Obama spent the weekend talking about the need to “win the future” in what sounds like the beginnings of a re-election slogan. But a conservative activist in Oregon owns the winthefuture websites, virtually ensuring that Republicans will define the catch phrase in their own way.Obama talked about “how we’ll win the future” in his weekly address and in a video on Saturday when he previewed his State of the Union address for supporters. That video closed with a “Win the Future” graphic that elevated the phrase to a potential re-election will be the President’s online hub for his re-election campaign, but if people go to, they are likely to get a very different perspective from Obama’s vision.Retired engineering consultant Glenn Pelikan of Portland, Ore., registered (and all associated extensions, including .org and .net) in 2007, a couple of years after former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) released his book, “Winning the Future.”

What's Obama doing borrowing rhetoric from Newt Gingrich, anyway?

UPDATE: Looks like Jim Geraghty and I are on the same page.