Fair is fair. I wrote a response yesterday to a Behind the Net post on the role luck has played for the Caps' penalty kill this season. Let's give BTN a response-to-the-response and move on. He answers some of my questions from yesterday. I'm still not sure I get why 5-on-3 save percentage is such a big deal or why the Caps "should" have given up three extra goals already that way given the nature of their nine 5-on-3 kills this season. Like I said in my post, they haven't gone down two men since Dec. 9 - and, yes, I apologize in advance for the two 5-on-3 goals the Caps will give up to the Panthers tonight. Oops.

And we'll just agree to disagree on what Bruce Boudreau thinks about luck on the PK. Hey - when the team gets back from Florida maybe I'll just ask him directly. Sounds like a plan. Anyway, as I said before Behind the Net is a great resource. Look forward to a continuing dialouge the rest of the season. And again - sorry about the two PP goals against tonight, Caps fans. My luck, it seems, always regresses towards the mean and just keeps on sinking.