For those who desperately want a copy of D.C. Housewife Catherine Ommanney's book "Inbox Full" (and we're sure there are a lot of you), you'll have to wait a wee bit longer.

Ommanney, who has been pimping the book for months on her Facebook page, tells us its release was delayed because of technical problems. 

"Because with its presentation (i.e. text boxes) there were a couple of tech [problems] on Amazon so that has been corrected and should be [available] again in the next 48 hours," Ommanney wrote to Yeas & Nays in an e-mail. Digital versions of "Inbox Full" were supposed to be available several days before Christmas on, though on Wednesday Amazon listed the book as "out of print--limited availability."

Ommanney's book showcases text messages to and from her various lovers. A very rough copy of the first chapter is available on Ommanney's personal website.

The D.C. Housewife tells us she's still abroad, currently vacationing in Thailand, but will return soon and host a book party on Jan. 28.

We'll be waiting with bated breath.