Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, while speaking to the National Council of La Raza Monday, claimed that Donald Trump's controversial immigration views reflect the Republican Party as a whole.

"I know you share my disgust with the comments Donald Trump recently made," the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate said. "The real problem isn't that the Republicans have such a hate-spewing character running for president — the problem is that it's so hard to tell him apart from the other candidates."

In the early weeks of his campaign for the Republican nomination,Trump has rallied against illegal immigrants, especially from Mexico, accusing them of bringing rape and crime to America. Many of his comments were seen as offensive, triggering backlash and costing him support from business partners such as Macy's.

Despite his inflammatory comments, Trump continues to rank well in early polls, finishing second in the two most recent national surveys. Numerous Republican candidates have condemned Trump's statements, but others have agreed that he raises important issues.

"What does it say about the direction of today's Republican Party that Donald Trump calls all New Americans from Mexico 'rapists' and 'drug dealers' and 'murderers?'"O'Malley asked. "And the best their leadership can summon up is that they're 'divided.' There's nothing to be divided about here!"

O'Malley condemned the Republican Party's lack of effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform, stating that GOP leaders "vilify, scapegoat, and seek every opportunity they can find to speak ill of" immigrants.

On the campaign trail, O'Malley has aggressively promoted immigration reform. While serving as governor of Maryland, he helped pass the 2011 DREAM Act, and he has vowed to enact comprehensive immigration reform within his first 100 days in the Oval Office if elected.

O'Malley added; "If Donald Trump wants to run on a platform of demonizing immigrants, then he should go back to the 1840s and run for the nomination of the Know-Nothing Party."