In a new ad from Priorities USA - the pro-Obama Super PAC - Massachusetts caterer Olive Chase complains that although she supported Mitt Romney for governor she feels ‘duped,’ and now says she will vote for Obama.

But how exactly did Mitt Romney affect her small business that turned her against him? In 2010, Chase was complaining to the Cape Cod Times that insurance costs – post RomneyCare – were hurting the growth of her catering business, Casual Gourmet.

“Insurance costs for me now are equal to my mortgage,” said Olive Chase, the owner of the Casual Gourmet in Centerville, who expects her premiums to rise another 18 to 20 percent when the policies for her 15 covered employees renew in May.

The story quotes Meredith Rosenthal, a professor of health economics who points out that health insurance costs in Massachusetts are higher because of “residents who use more health care services, and insurance regulations that mandate coverage for more treatments.”

The story reports that although the Massachusetts government had acknowledged the problem and were looking at solutions for small businesses.

“At this point, I just don’t know where this goes,” Chase said to the paper. “What we have going on here is not sustainable.”

In a 2011 story in the Cape Cod Times, Chase complained about the burdensome health care regulations to four Republican state representatives on “listening tour.”

“I live in fear,” Olive Chase of the Casual Gourmet said. Many of her employees get their health insurance through spouses who have state or town jobs putting her at risk of being fined for not supplying health insurance to her employees, she said. “They undercut me, give me benefits I can’t afford and then fine me because my employees make a different choice.”

After suffering the effects of RomneyCare in Massachusetts, why is a Cape Cod business owner supporting Obama and Obamacare?