Ohio's biggest newspaper is loathe to see Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the first primary debate, even though he seems likely to earn his spot on the stage by rising to the top of the field over the last few weeks.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer said Trump's comments that questioned whether Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is a war hero or not are remarks that should disqualify him from the White House.

"No commander in chief can be so dismissive of the sacrifices of those who go to war for this nation," the paper said in an editorial on Wednesday. "Trump has had his time on the national political stage, and has revealed a lack of character, and an unworthiness for serious consideration. He does not merit support."

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is almost certain to be included in the first primary debate. But the Dealer's claim that Trump has "had his time on the national political stage" is just the latest sign the paper would like to be him excluded.

It isn't the first time the Plain Dealer expressed its contempt for Trump. Writing on the debates last week, the newspaper said candidates who find themselves on stage with Trump will be faced with addressing his comments "ad nauseam."

"Trump, as certainly, will be part of the debates," the Plain Dealer wrote at the time. "No matter how specious his candidacy might seem to some, his standing in key polls — No. 1 or 2 among GOP candidates — will make his participation irresistible. So like it or not, the others will have to deal with him."

Fox News is scheduled to host the GOP's first debate in Cleveland on Aug. 6. Only the candidates who place within the top 10 of some unspecified national polls will have a space reserved on stage and Trump is currently leading the field in a few surveys.