Obamacare’s individual mandate, which requires all Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a fine for not doing so, is not only unconstitutional, as ruled last year by federal Judge Henry Hudson, it’s also based on a false premise. 


The individual mandate is supposed to eliminate the "free riders" who drive up everybody else’s health care premiums.


Guess again.


"ObamaCare will continue a large number of people who are uninsured and getting free services, including illegal immigrants and people who simply don’t pay their bills. For all of the contortions and intrusions, the current law would at best reduce the problem, not solve it," says Greg Scandlen, an independent health care analyst in Hagerstown and one of the earliest champions of Medical Savings Accounts. 


"Virtually all of the expansion in coverage under ObamaCare is subsidized, either by free care under Medicaid or subsidized care under the Exchanges," Scandlen explains. "If consuming, but not paying for, health services is free-riding, isn’t this institutionalized free-ridership?"


Another excellent argument for repeal and replace.