The Obama administration has finalized Obamacare rules requiring employers to offer birth control coverage unless they have religious objections.

Employers with more than 50 workers must offer them health insurance that includes all types of Food and Drug Administration-approved birth control, under President Obama's healthcare law.

The rule released Friday lays out how to comply with that requirement and provides a way out for religious employers who object to paying for birth control across the board or certain types of it, such as Catholic schools or charities.

In compliance with the Supreme Court's 2014 Hobby Lobby ruling, certain companies also may avail themselves of the arrangement, even if they're not explicitly religious. To qualify, the businesses must be privately held and controlled by five or fewer individuals.

To be excused from the birth control mandate, employers much sign a form delegating the responsibility for providing the birth control coverage to a third-party insurer.

While the administration has insisted the accommodation is sufficient, many religious leaders including the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops say it's not. Several lawsuits are challenging the arrangement, which may also end up in the Supreme Court.