President Obama will convene his team of national security advisers at CIA headquarters Wednesday to "review" the administration's effort to degrade and destroy the Islamic State, the White House said Friday.

Deputy Press Secretary Jennifer Friedman was short on specifics, but told reporters traveling on Air Force One in California with the president that the meeting at the CIA is the latest in a series aimed at evaluating the fight against the terrorist group at key agencies.

Obama's decision to huddle with intelligence community officials at the high-profile venue of the CIA comes as the president's strategy is facing a new rash of criticism.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, says the Obama administration's record on trying to degrade the Islamic State is at risk of becoming a "grinding failure for our nation."

McCain sent a letter to Defense Secretary Ash Carter Tuesday arguing that U.S. military commanders are being hamstrung by an overly cautious Obama administration. He also drew a parallel between the campaign against the Islamic State and the Vietnam War, charging that the administration has adopted a policy of "grudging incrementalism."