President Obama on Tuesday warned against Donald Trump's boasts about scrapping an international climate change deal as an example of the wrong path for the country and the world.

Obama gave the keynote speech at the Lake Tahoe Summit on the environment in Nevada, where he underscored the relationship between conservation efforts to save natural resources such as Lake Tahoe and the fight against manmade climate change.

But neither conservation nor reducing emissions is going to work "if we boast about how we're going to scrap international treaties," the president said, referring to the Republican nominee's promise to scrap the climate deal agreed to last year by the U.S. and nearly 200 nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The emissions are blamed by scientists for raising the Earth's temperature and causing more drought, floods and heat waves.

He also referred to the Senate's most outspoken climate critic, Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., as another example of the wrong attitude and direction for the country on climate change. He did not mention either Trump or Inhofe by name.

"Sure not going to happen if we think a snowball in winter means nothing's wrong," Obama said, referring to Inhofe's bringing a snowball on the Senate floor a few years ago to demonstrate that the climate wasn't warming.

Obama said the world cannot have elected officials who are "alone in denying climate change" or place the future in the hands of big, polluting industries.