Off they go. We are totally jealous. (ap photo)

President Obama this morning made remarks on the BP oil spill at the White House, then it was off for the family's three-day mini-vacation to Mount Desert Island in Maine, aka "The Lobster State."

Let me be clear: Ice cream is delicious.             (ap photo)

With a single-minded intensity, the Obama family got busy relaxing. A 90-minute bike ride, ice cream in Bar Harbor. The blog is a little worried that he appears to be wearing "fancy pants." What will Fox News say?

Is that Robert Gibbs? With provisions?                           (ap photo)

According to the pool report, Obama's motorcade rolled from the eloquently, so-very-Maine locale of Witch Hole Pond (the state is the setting for "Dark Shadows," after all)and headed to Cadillac Mountain. (Bush administration enthusiasts will recall this is the spot where Jenna got engaged in 2007)

From a distance, reporters took in the Obama family taking in the view. The Obamas were greeted by a park superintendent (not Gibbs, alas), and greeted a bunch of tourists standing nearby on some rocks.

POTUS asked a woman where she was from. Southern Indiana, she said. That was about as coherent as it gets. Other tidbits included: "Congratulations" ... "Malia and Sasha" ... "Good to see you" ... "White House" ... "Move the clouds around."

It's so Von Trapp Family!


When do they get around to relaxing?