President Obama celebrated his last birthday in the White House on Friday night with a star-studded affair attended by celebrities from all realms, including sports, entertainment and politics.

Beyonce and Jay Z, who have partied with the Obamas at the White House before, were on hand. Magic Johnson and wife Cookie also had on their "dancing shoes," according to a tweet from the couple getting ready for the party.

Other celebrities who reportedly attended the party include John Legend, Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia DiRossi and Star Wars creator George Lucas.

Sarah Jessica Parker can be seen in a TMZ video bringing in a gift for Obama. While she didn't say what was in it, she said it wasn't easy picking it out.

There were also the political figures one might expect, like Obama's former advisor David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, Chicago mayor and Obama's former chief of staff.

The bash was reportedly paid for with the Obamas' personal funds.

President Obama turned 55 on Thursday. He and the first lady Thursday went to Fiola Mare, a seafood restaurant in Georgetown, for a more low-key celebration, according to White House pool reports.