Are you a supporter of President Obama in a swing state? The Obama campaign is recruiting massive amounts of organizers and volunteers to get out the vote.

The campaign features their “Neighborhood Team Model” which features phone bank coordinators, canvas coordinators, neighborhood team leaders, and data coordinators. “Unlike other presidential campaigns, our strength relies on the thousands of volunteer leaders already organizing themselves into team across the country,” the campaign video explains.

The Obama campaign “Dashboard” serves as a social network, allowing people to connect in their community, join interest groups, and activate volunteers. The campaign is also encouraging supporters to “share their stories” with the campaign to explain why they support the president.

“Working in this campaign is totally different, I feel connected to the neighborhood people who I work with, I feel like I’m part of something larger,” an elderly volunteer explains in the campaign’s instructional video.

Another woman puts it this way: “President Obama is the inspiration, but he lit the fire and now we’ve just run with it, once you feel that there’s nothing that can stop it.”