If President Obama is going all centrist and bipartisan, why did he re-nominate radical union lawyer Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board, especially after his first nomination was blocked by Republicans and even a few Democrats in the Senate last year?


Obama put Becker, a Chicago-based former attorney for the Service Employees International Union, on the NRLB last March as a recess appointment. He has come under fire for refusing to recuse himself from cases involving SEIU.


“In his [State of the Union] address to the nation, the President stated his administration will ‘fix’ any ‘unnecessary burden[s] on businesses,’ yet one of his first acts following those words is to nominate an individual who is committed to job-killing policies,” said Katie Gage, executive director of the Workforce Fairness Institute. 


“In re-nominating Becker, President Obama has sent the message to employers across the country that his rhetoric is just that, and the nation’s chief executive is more concerned with paying back union bosses than turning the economy around.”