President Obama’s Office of Management and Budget is turning into something of a Bain alumni reunion, although you won’t hear about it from the president.

Obama picked Jeff Zients to lead the OMB earlier this year, as the attacks on Romney’s Bain Capital career were heating up in the Republican Primary. Zients worked at Bain and Company from 1988-1990, as The Washington Examiner first reported, although his White House biography made no mention of the fact. (Update: Zients’ White House bio now mentions that he worked at Bain, but the biography distributed to reporters when he was picked did not.)

Now Zients will be joined by another former Bain employee, as Obama appointed Boris Bershteyn to lead the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Bershteyn’s White House biography, like that of Zients before him, also makes no mention of the Bain connection.

An OMB spokesman explained to The Washington Post, which first noted Bershteyn’s history at Bain, that “the official bio highlights Bershteyn’s legal experience, not his consulting background — and so, apparently, was left off for editing reasons, not political ones.”

Obama’s regular campaign stump speech includes an attack on Romney’s Bain Capital work.