President Obama said Thursday that the Islamic State appears to be shifting to "high-profile" terror attacks around the world the more the U.S. and its partners reduce the terrorist group's grip on power in Iraq and Syria.

"In fact, the decline of ISIL in Syria and Iraq appears to be causing it to shift to tactics that we've seen before: an even greater emphasis on encouraging high-profile terrorist attacks, including in the United States," he said.

Obama said that "tragically," the U.S. and others have been witnesses to several of these attacks.

"So we've seen terrible bombings in Iraq and in Jordan, and Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Afghanistan, attacks on an Istanbul airport, a restaurant in Bangladesh, Bastille Day celebrations and a church in France, and a music festival in Germany," he said.

Still, he said, the U.S.-led coalition has "continued to be relentless in our fight against ISIL," and is "conducting the most precise air campaign in history" against the extremist terrorist group.

"None of ISIL leaders are safe, and we're gong to keep going after them," he said, noting recent successes in "liberating" Fallujah in Iraq and a recent increase of U.S. troops to help Iraqi forces create a logistic hub at an airfield to better position themselves to retake Mosul.

Obama listed Iraqi towns were ISIS has lost territory, including in Tikrit, Sinjar, Fallujah and others.

"ISIL has not had a major successful operation in Syria or Iraq in a full year…they are increasingly acknowledging they will lose Mosul and Fallujah," he said, referring to the group by another common acronym. "ISIL is right – as it turns out, ISIL is not invincible and they will inevitably be defeated."