President Obama on Thursday golfed with Bernie Sanders impersonator Larry David during the president's Martha's Vineyard vacation.

The commander in chief and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" comedian were joined by businessman Robert Wolf, member of the White House's Job Council, and Baine Capital partner Jonathan Lavine during an afternoon golfing session held at Farm Neck Golf Club. David's memorable imitation of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was a highlight of "Saturday Night Live" this year.

Obama teed off with David last year at the same club located in the northern part of the Massachusetts island.

In a 2015 "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" episode hosted by Jerry Seinfeld, the former star of the namesake hit show he created with David, Obama made a few cracks about David after sharing so much time together on the green.

"When we play golf, he's a fair-skinned guy, so he lathers himself in sunscreen. And it's dripping, it's caked white all over. And it catches parts of his ears, and then there's big globs of it."