President Obama is golfing organic Wednesday, taking his clubs to one of the most exclusive venues in New England, and one famously known as the nation's first "organic" course.

Obama, who has golfed several times during his annual summer vacation on Martha's Vineyard, steered his motorcade to Vineyard Golf Club, where the initiation fee is $350,000 and annual dues $12,000 for the 305 members.

Vineyard Golf Club photo.

"Want to play here? Check the obits pages. There are currently no memberships available, but the club graciously provides a waiting list in case one of its members should experience a fatal accident or, worse, a bad run at the craps table," said the media pool report on the president's visit.

The "walking course" is in Edgartown and is fully organic, meaning the grounds keepers use no chemical weed killers, pesticides or fertilizers. It also encourages the use of caddies, not carts.

Vineyard Golf Club photo.

Golf Magazine gave the course its award for the "Best New Private Course" for 2015.

The same issue gave top awards to two Trump golf courses. "Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point in New York City, we're declaring him a winner anyway—it's the Best New U.S. Course You Can Play," said the magazine. It added: "Trump scores again with Best U.S. Private Course Renovation at Trump National Golf Club of Washington, D.C."

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