White House officials said President Obama will go forward with his trip to Kenya at the end of the week, and seemed to minimize an apparent security breach involving a Kenyan Airways official's apparent emailing of details of the president's itinerary.

Obama on Friday will depart to Nairobi for an international entrepreneurship conference, a trip in an area that has raised security challenges for the Secret Service and concerns about the president's safety.

Earlier Wednesday, Fox News reported that an official with Kenyan Airways sent an email to its staff, and to airline customers, detailing the exact time when the airports in the area would be closed because of Obama's arrivals and departures.

Asked about the apparent breach of security Wednesday afternoon, White House national security adviser Susan Rice said it would "in no way affect our approach and plans."

"Often times a lot of this information is not entirely accurate," she said. "In no way is it disturbing our plans."

White House spokesman Josh Earnest also weighed in by reminding reporters that they often get details of the president's travel plans ahead of time but they often change and are not as specific until the final itinerary is made.