Isn't it romantic? President Obama took first lady, Michelle Obama, to dinner for her 47th birthday. Beltway appreciates his choice of venue -- the Newseum. More specifically, "The Source," which is celeb chef Wolfgang Puck's establishment inside. We've never been. Hear it's nice.

The long-suffering Jon Ward, White House correspondent for the Daily Caller and today's pooler, reports the first couple dined upstairs with the blinds closed. He didn't see much -- par for Obama private time out in public. From the pool report:

At about 9:20, staff from the restaurant began putting salt down on the very icy sidewalk. At 9:37 pm, after a two-hour dinner, the first couple descended the stairs. Your pool could see FLOTUS come down first in what looked like a dark sleeveless dress. POTUS followed in a jacket and open collar white shirt. He held her coat for her as she put it on and then walked out with his left arm around FLOTUS. She got in on the left side of an SUV and he on the right. A man and a woman were on the balcony about 15 feet above directly above the entrance and looked on as the first couple left, but your pooler did not hear them say anything to POTUS.  Motorcade, which stopped for traffic lights on the short trip back up Pennsylvania Ave, arrived back at the White House at 9:45 pm.