TAMPA, Fla. -- President Obama's re-election campaign released a map to what it dubbed the "Republican Circus," peripheral events around the Republican National Convention that Democrats say underscore the GOP's extremism.

"While the Republican National Convention may be the main event, some of Mitt Romney's most extreme surrogates and advisers are hosting sideshow events that exhibit just how extreme and out-of-touch the GOP has become," Danny Kanner, an Obama campaign spokesman, said. "From the "Newt U" policy salons to John Bolton's foreign policy chat, the Cain-Bachmann "unity rally," and the meeting at the zoo with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Obama for America's new map is a guide to what's really going on at the Republican Convention."

The map includes virtual pins showing where each event is being held, including a Family Research Council party featuring former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and Texas Gov. Rick Perry and a meeting of veterans the Obama campaign claims is "swift-boating" the president.