WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's campaign offered Mitt Romney a deal: If he releases a total of five years of tax returns, Obama's team won't criticize him for not releasing any more. Romney's campaign quickly rejected the offer.

Obama's campaign manager Jim Messina made the offer in a letter Friday to Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades. Messina said he was taking the step because Romney "apparently fears the more he offers, the more our campaign will demand that he provide."

Rhoades rejected the offer, calling it a way for Obama to avoid talking about issues that voters care about.

Romney released his 2010 tax return and has said he will release his 2011 return later this year. Messina said he wanted to see three additional years of Romney's returns.

Obama's campaign has questioned whether there are any years in which Romney paid no taxes.

Romney said Thursday he has paid at least 13 percent of his income in federal taxes every year for the past decade.