President Obama is going to Lake Tahoe Wednesday afternoon to talk about protecting the environment, and he's bringing the government's checkbook with him.

The White House announced more than $30 million in spending for the area ahead of Obama's speech at the Lake Tahoe Summit, which was scheduled for about 5 p.m. Obama is scheduled to speak about "tackling our shared climate and conservation challenges," per a White House fact sheet.

Almost all of the money will be in Department of Interior spending to reduce forest fire risk. The Environmental Protection Agency will give out a $230,000 grant to manage and reduce stormwater runoff in the region to improve Lake Tahoe's water quality, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will spend about $1 million on eight projects to stop the spread of zebra and quagga mussels in the lake.

In addition, the administration announced the National Forest Foundation, a private foundation that raises money for the U.S. Forest Service, raised $4 million for forest health, recreation and creek restoration projects in the region.

The White House also announced fundraising goals for multiple projects in the Tahoe area.

The administration wants to see $10 billion per year in annual conservation investment from private and philanthropic donations and raise $10 million for various projects in the Salton Sea, a lake in California.