The Obama administration doesn't want tourists swimming with dolphins in the president's home state of Hawaii, despite the marine mammal not being threatened or endangered.

The Commerce Department's marine fisheries agency on Tuesday proposed a ban on swimming with the Aloha State's indigenous spinner dolphins.

The proposal would put in place a 50-yard barrier to prevent people from getting too close and interacting with the dolphins.

The fisheries agency said the rules are necessary due to the large increase in tourist businesses putting pressure on the local dolphin populations.

"The number of commercial operators engaged in wild dolphin viewing has grown dramatically in Hawaii in recent years, putting new pressures on easily accessible groups of resting Hawaiian spinner dolphins," the agency said. "In addition, a number of residents and visitors venture on their own, independent of commercial operators, to view and interact with spinner dolphins."

Similar rules have been established humpback whales.

It is not clear what effect the rules would have on Hawaii's tourist industry and if the Commerce Department will receive pushback. The comment period for the proposed regulations extends until nearly the end of October.

The rule follows a number of proposed regulations made by the administration in its last year in office to protect marine mammals.