The White House announced Wednesday that it is releasing a Facebook Messenger bot that allows users to send notes to the president.

Anyone can now use the Messenger app on a cell phone or the White House's Facebook page to fill out a message to President Obama, just like a user would in messaging a friend. Pressing "send" pushes the message straight to the Office of Presidential Correspondence.

Jason Goldman, the White House's chief digital officer, announced the bot in a blog post, saying it will create new ways for people to engage with both Obama and the federal government.

Goldman notes that Obama reads 10 letters daily sent to him by Americans.

"And what's interesting is not only do these letters help me to stay in touch with the people who sent me here, or the people who voted against me, but a lot of times they identify problems that might not have percolated up through the various agencies and bureaucracies," Obama said about the Facebook Messenger bot. "

And more than once there have been occasions where these letters inspired action on real problems that are out there."