Now that Huma Abedin has decided to leave her marriage with Anthony Weiner, the media and the public are finally free to ignore Weiner's antics forever.

He has no ties to the Clinton campaign now that his wife, the vice chairwoman, has left him.

He's no longer an active politician.

Any campaign he tries to start would be hopeless.

The New York Daily News even decided to end Weiner's regular column.

If he continues to sext strangers over the Internet, who cares? He's just one more creepy guy among millions.

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If anything was going to help restart Weiner's political career, it could have been the documentary, "Weiner" that came out earlier this year about his failed 2013 mayoral campaign. The film comes close to leaving the audience with a sympathetic view of Weiner, until cameras catch a farce that unfolds with his cybermistress on Election Night.

The audience leaves the theater laughing at Weiner's expense, not hoping to see him run for office again.

The only thing Weiner could still do that would be worthy of newsprint would be the start of a porn career.

(Anthony: Please dont.)

Jason Russell is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.