Flying, at one's state capitol, the flag of a defeated enemy nation dedicated to enslaving other humans never made sense to me, and so I'm glad South Carolina took down its Confederate flag.

Almost all libertarians I know, and most conservatives I know applauded Republican Gov. Nikki Haley and the GOP-controlled state legislature for this move, but clearly it was the American Left that provided the real passion for this campaign. Good for the Left.

But the Left today, when it wins, whether it's right (as in this case) or wrong (as in most cases), never stops after a victory. It always pushes on. What statues could it tear down? How could it further drive the Confederate flag underground? Whom could they threaten with boycotts or get fired?

So I idly asked on Twitter about three weeks ago whether the Left was going to stop at ending state displays of the Confederate flag or whether it was going to try to outlaw private displays as well. I was cheered that most liberals thought the idea of an actual flag ban preposterous (and some sensitive souls also found my asking about it outrageous).

Well Friday, at the lefty site Salon, a college instructor suggested outlawing private displays of the Confederate flag:

It is a fine thing that the Confederate flag will no longer fly above the South Carolina state capitol. But displaying the Confederate flag anywhere is, at bottom, an act of hate. It should be recognized as such, and punished as a hate crime.

Again, happily, I don't expect many liberals to take this idea seriously.