A 3-year-old girl was suspended from her Arlington County public pre-school because she had too many potty accidents. Not because she graffiti-ed the school cafeteria, not because she put the principal's car on the roof, not because she told Jenny that Johnny thinks she's a [not safe for publication]. But because she had eight accidents in one month, The Washington Post reports.

Obviously, the real terror here is that Zoe Rosso is going to grow up and go to college and her freshman roommate is going to google her and this article will show up, and then Jenny and Johnny are going to call her a [not safe for publication].

But what's also interesting is that the policy — eight accidents and you're out for a month — is arbitrary. InsideNova.com reports that many nearby districts have no such policy.

“We do not have a toilet training policy at Manassas Park City Schools,” said Dana Williams, clerk to the School Board, in an e-mail. “We encourage and support the students and parents in our school division as needed.” Irene Cromer, lead communications officials for Prince William, said similarly.  “I’ve never heard of anything like that at all [in our schools],” she said, confirming the district didn’t have a policy that addressed toilet training.

Rosso, who was suspended in December, now attends a private school, but her mother's still fighting Arlington on this. Poor kid. We hope for her sake the Internet implodes before she learns how to type.