It seems that there is a proposal in the cold steppes of North Dakota to allow that state’s home-brewers to peddle their creations to their fellow citizens.

Some might snicker at the prospect of bearded beer makers needed to be “allowed” to do anything. They aren’t exactly known for their sticking to the beaten path of going down their local store to get a six pack. No “no mass produced rubbish” for them. Naturally a cynic would assume that the sales are already happening and the state is keen to tax these sales.

 As the AP reports the proposal is not without precedent.

 “North Dakotans who make wine and booze already can get a state license to sell their beverages, and a Minot lawmaker wants people who make home-brewed beer to be able to do the same.”

This sort of “liberal” view towards the sale of alcohol might surprise some in the more puritanical states. It might surprise some that there are states whose government retains the sole proprietorship of the sale of liquor like Connecticut, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Utah will no doubt be appalled. And, of course, there are many states which do not allow alcohol sales on Sunday or part thereof. Alcohol, besides the drinking age, laws really do vary between states more than some would think possible in this modern age.

Beer makers all over the country will be watching the developments in North Dakota.

Maybe the tea party movement can get on board a campaign to allow home-brewers to sell their wares in every state?