If Hillary Clinton wants to be president, she had better visit flood-ravaged Louisiana, the state's leading daily said in an editorial Friday directed at the Democratic nominee's reluctance to follow the president's lead and tour the devastation up close.

"If she wants to be president, Hillary Clinton should act like one, come to Louisiana," The Advocate's lead editorial reads.

The Baton Rouge newspaper's editorial board believes Clinton "made a bad decision avoiding Louisiana since the waters receded."

The paper had urged Obama to visit the state a week earlier after the head of the Department of Homeland Security said he wouldn't be coming. "Our Views: Vacation or not, a hurting Louisiana needs you now, President Obama," the paper's headline read on Aug. 17. Obama visited the state on Tuesday.

Republican nominee Donald Trump visited and passed out relief packages last week ahead of the president's visit. But Clinton remains the odd nominee out, saying she didn't want to interfere with the relief effort by causing a disruption.

"Clinton has said she'd rather wait to visit when her presence won't be a distraction from relief efforts," the editorial reads. "But if the incumbent president of the United States can visit Louisiana without doing apparent harm to flood response operations, then surely the woman who's a leading contender to succeed him can do the same."

The newspaper said it is likely Clinton will win in November and inherit the relief effort that Obama started.

Louisiana is a Republican state, but that shouldn't be a reason for Clinton to avoid it, the newspaper stated, saying the flood disaster calls for bipartisan resolve, "not the cold calculus of electoral math."

"The scale of this disaster argues for sustained, bipartisan resolve to rebuild our broken state."