Millions of Iranians burned the Israeli and American flags and posters of President Barack Obama in the street today in celebration of Al-Quds Day, an annual anti-American and anti-Israeli holiday.

The people chanted "Death to Israel" and "Down with America" as they gathered to show their support for Palestinian violence against Israel, according to the Times of Israel. That paper and others said that not just thousands, but millions of Iranians participated.

"Demonstrators chant[ed] slogans in condemnation of the Zionists' crimes in the occupied Palestinian lands," Iran's state-controlled Fars News Agency reported.

This holiday does not bode well for the nuclear talks with Iran. The negotiators failed to reach a compromise by their latest deadline, which was Friday, and it wasn't clear any agreement would be reached.

"As of today, Congress is going to have twice as much time, twice as long, to review it, 60 days not 30 days. The expedited 30-day review period expired last night. Iran's negotiators, meanwhile, have to deal with their own problems back home, they've got the hardliners back home in Tehran," NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell said from Vienna.

This is the fourth time Iranian and P5+1 officials have extended their meetings.

"So this is not a great day, even if they were to reach a deal, to be seen shaking hands with the secretary of state and bringing back an agreement with the U.S.," Mitchell said.

Despite her assessment, the State Department has continued to argue that it can separate the anti-America sentiment in Iran from the need to work with that country's leaders on a nuclear deal.