Remember how President Bush, presidential counselor Karl Rove, and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales politicized the Department of Justice by dropping voter intimidation charges against two members of the New Black Pan .... sorry ... for firing nine district attorneys?

Remember how this was the worst abuse of the justice system since the Nixon era? Remember how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers talked darkly about criminal charges?  Remember how the New York Times and the rest of the liberal ranks of the Mainstream Media cheered when Gonzales resigned in disgrace?

Well, guess what - the Obama-Holder Justice Department has, according to AP, decided not to file any charges against any Bush appointees in connection with the DA firings. Now that the news is breaking, however, don't be surprised if somebody decides to reverse the decision, go after different charges, or otherwise seek to bring some sort of legal opprobrium on the former Bush appointees.

Former Examiner associate editorial page Quin Hillyer has been writing about this case for years. Here's his latest at The American Spectator, and it includes links to his many previous offerings on the issue in which he predicted this outcome.