The Redskins need a quarterback. Michael Vick is a free agent. Hmmm. Forget it.

Vick, in case anyone wasn't certain, told a Philadelphia TV station that he wanted to remain with the Eagles. Of course, there's a one in a million chance that won't happen -- "so you're saying there's a chance" -- but that's not exactly good news for anyone hoping Vick would consider them in free agency.

"This team gives me the best chance of winning a Super Bowl," Vick told NBC10.

Nobody will use that phrase when it comes to the Redskins this offseason. At least not with a straight face (or without a big check).

Vick didn't think he'd last long in Philly after signing a two-year deal in 2008, shortly after leaving jail. But Donovan McNabb was traded, Kevin Kolb was hurt and Vick flourished. He led the Eagles to an NFC East title (and first-round playoff exit).

Vick also told the station he wouldn't have a problem if the Eagles used the franchise tag on him. More than likely, the Eagles and Vick will hammer out a contract that pays him at least $12 million per season.

"I think about my situation two years ago, and to me, it's about securing my future financially," Vick said, "but I was in a position where I didn't have anything at one point after having everything. So now it's all just a blessing, so whatever it is, whether it's a franchise tag or long-term deal, or however my agent and the Philadelphia Eagles, or whatever team may be, work it out, I'm going to be happy. But hopefully it's here."