Fox News host Sean Hannity warned his audience Monday of a "clear and present danger to all of you," as he condemned a "character assassination" effort against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by the Left.

During his opening monologue, Hannity, a man who has President Trump's ear, emphasized that the sexual assault allegations that threaten Kavanaugh's confirmation are being taken as fact without proper due process.

"Good Americans need to step back tonight. This isn't about Republican, Democrat, or liberal at all. With no due process, zero corroborating evidence, the Left in America is now smearing an individual and they've been doing it now for 15 consecutive days," Hannity said.

"Calling him evil, accusing him of being a serial rapist, a sexual predator, a violent drunk, a liar, a perjurer, much more. Classic character assassination of a man who has served his country and has been in the spotlight now for almost 40 years without a single whiff of misconduct until 15 days ago," Hannity continued. "We better get this as a country right. because a collective rush to judgment, getting rid of all presumption of innocence and due process, it is a clear and present danger to all of you, to every American."

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Kavanaugh's nomination was advanced by the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, but now the allegations he denies are getting a closer look by the FBI before the full Senate takes a vote.

Addressing Democrats' concerns about reports of a limited inquiry, Hannity told his audience that they are simply looking for another reason to obstruct the nomination that they were never going to support.

"When you see Democrats demanding more and more investigations, you have to remember this one clear point and this is what matters tonight, this is all about politics. It's now about power. It is not about the truth. Democrats have been against Brett Kavanaugh publicly from the day that he was announced," Hannity said. "No matter what this investigation finds, they were never going to vote for him anyway."