White House press secretary Jen Psaki harshly criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday for delivering a Victory in Europe Day speech while continuing to wage war in Ukraine.

Psaki claimed that Putin's speech was presenting "revisionist history" and was part of the Kremlin's "disinformation factory."

"While President Putin and the Russian people celebrated Victory Day today, we're seeing Russian forces commit war crimes and atrocities in Ukraine as they engage in a brutal war that is causing so much suffering and needless destruction," Psaki stated. "This day is supposed to be about celebrating peace and unity in Europe and the defeat of Nazis in World War II. That is what is celebrated every year in Russia as well."

"Instead, Putin is perverting history — changing history, to try it, or attempting to change it, I should say — to justify his unprovoked and unjustified war, which has brought catastrophic loss of life and immense human suffering," she continued.

Psaki proceeded to recount the recent actions the administration has taken to provide security, financial, and humanitarian support to Ukraine, including banning Russian elites from utilizing certain consulting services, sanctioning Russia's largest television stations, and placing new import controls on Russian products.

Furthermore, she highlighted first lady Jill Biden's surprise visit to Ukraine on Mother's Day.

"She did that purposefully on Mother's Day to be there and recognize the sacrifices of so many mothers during this time in Ukraine and send an important message of solidarity," Psaki concluded.


You can watch Monday's briefing in full below.