President Trump said Friday that he doesn't view former Vice President Joe Biden as a threat in 2020, and defended his right to criticize Biden for allegedly touching multiple women without their consent.

"I don't see Joe Biden as a threat. No, I don't see him as a threat. I think he is only a threat to himself," Trump told reporters on the south lawn of the White House.

Trump said Biden, who is leading in polls of hypothetical Democratic presidential candidates, would have to defend the Obama administration's legacy if he enters the race.

"He has been there a long time. His record is not good. He would have to run on the Obama failed record," Trump said. "You look at what happened with so many different things. North Korea, the Middle East, the economy never got going. No, I don't think Joe is a threat. I would like him to be."

Biden on Wednesday released a video clip of himself apologizing for making women feel uncomfortable with unwanted physical conduct. On Thursday, Trump mocked Biden with a doctored version of Biden's video.

Trump defended the appropriateness of his role criticizing Biden. During the 2016 election, an infamous "Access Hollywood" hot-mic moment exposed Trump discussing touching and kissing women without their explicit consent.

On Biden's conduct, "I think I'm a very good messenger," Trump said, in response to a reporter's question.

"People got a kick out of it. He is going through a situation, let's see what happens. People got a kick. We got to sort of smile a little bit, right?" Trump said.