President Trump claimed he had first-hand embarrassing information about a Democratic senator who quizzed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over sexual misconduct and alcohol abuse.

"They're going back to high school and they're saying he drank a lot one evening in high school," said Trump, noting that Democratic scrutiny of Kavanaugh was expanding to questions about his teenage drinking.

"You know, I can tell you what, I happen to know some U.S. senators. One who is on the other side, who's pretty aggressive. I've seen that person in very bad situations. Somewhat compromising," he said in a Rose Garden press conference on Monday.

"I watched those senators on the Democrat side, and I thought it was a disgrace. And partially because I know them," he said. "I know them too well, and you know what, they are not angels."

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A reporter asked Trump for details on the senator's misconduct, but he declined to share any, saying, "I'll save it for a book."

Trump lashed into Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who opposed Kavanaugh's nomination, which the committee approved Friday.

The president referred to Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., as "Da Nang Richard" for his false claims to have served in the Vietnam War and said that he suspected Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., of leaking a confidential letter from Christine Blasey Ford in which she alleged a sexual assault by Kavanaugh.

Trump agreed Friday to a one-week FBI investigation of sexual misconduct claims against Kavanaugh before the full Senate votes on his nomination, but stood by his support for the judge.