President Trump's re-election campaign released a new television advertisement Monday morning that warns voters that Democrats will roll back Trump's accomplishments if they take control of Congress in November.

The ad, paid for by Donald J. Trump For President, features a mother and father helping their daughter get to school and a violin recital, interspersed with reports about economic benchmarks reached under Trump.

"This could all go away, if we don't remember what we came from and choose the right future," the mother says while checking the Republican blank on her ballot.

The ad closes with the couple's daughter professionally performing on stage in front of a packed opera house with her parents cheering proudly in the audience.

"Because the future worth fighting for is not guaranteed," the woman says.

"Things Are Getting Better We Can't Go Back" is the final message of the ad, urging voters to get out and "Vote Republican" Nov. 6, 2018.

The president has been heavily involved in the 2018 midterm election race and historically far more involved than his predecessors.

In the last few weeks, Trump has been hitting the campaign trail four nights a week for Republican candidates and engaging with the media on a near daily basis.

Republican strategists have hailed Trump's increasingly active involvement in the elections in conversations with the Washington Examiner. Other presidents, they point out, might have sought to keep their party at arm's length because it traditionally loses a slew of seats at this point in the political cycle.