President Joe Biden elicited a few laughs, and more than a handful of groans, recounting a campaign story about U.S. Ambassador Ken Salazar and understanding "prejudice."

Biden's comments came during a Thursday ceremony at the White House celebrating Cinco de Mayo, which Salazar, a former Democratic senator from Colorado and former President Barack Obama's first secretary of the interior, attended.

After calling Salazar "one of the best ambassadors we've ever had," the president launched into a story about when the pair were campaigning together for Obama at an event in Colorado with, as Biden described it, a gathering of roughly "1,000 people across the track."

"We were in western — eastern Colorado," he recounted. "We're about to walk out, and we're at a beautiful, renovated railroad station and a railroad that is no longer functioning as an interstate railroad. It was magnificent."

"'He said they're Latinos, so you got to be get up yet to be respectful,' like I'm not going to be respectful," Biden continued. "And he said, 'You don't understand about prejudice. You don't get it.'"

He claimed that Salazar pointed out that his "family's been here for 400 years."

"Well, mine's not been here that long. I don't think it's anywhere — anyway, so we talked a little bit longer, and he kept talking about 'be careful,'" the president rambled. "And this beautifully renovated station. I mean, it was gorgeous, and it was about the size of — I don't know, it's from here to the far hedge and about halfway into the crowd about 30, 40 feet wide — and there was nothing in there, except there was a little wallpaper, and there were these brass plaques about every six or eight feet around the entirety of the reception room, and I said, 'I think I generally understand.'"

"I said, 'Turn around and take a look what they say. It says, 'No Irish allowed.' No Irish allowed because it was renovated exactly what it was in 1869," Biden finally concluded. "So I don't really know."


You can watch his remarks in full below.