The Central Intelligence Agency is the latest federal agency to join Instagram.

And the spy agency is amusing and befuddling Instagram users with its inaugural photo post.

"I spy with my little eye..." the CIA's Thursday post says. An associated photo shows a cluttered desk and chair. Visible objects include an ID badge, wig, and trench coat.

The precise nature of the challenge is unclear, but a CIA spokesperson told CBS News that items belong to actual agency employees. A Daily Beast reporter relayed on Twitter that the badge was the first CIA ID issued to Director Gina Haspel.

The lighthearted post has received nearly 30,000 likes, and allows the agency a relaxed opportunity to connect to the public. The CIA tried a similar tactic with its inaugural 2014 tweet, which generated largely positive headlines reflecting on the wit of agency workers.

The break from serious debate is valuable to an agency that draws controversy for arming rebels to overthrow foes of the U.S. political establishment and repressing dissidents in dictatorships serving American interests.