President Joe Biden mixed talk of reducing inflation with attacks on Republicans during remarks in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

Biden identified inflation as his top economic priority on Tuesday morning, touting moves he's made or wants Congress to make in order to fight it, and lashed out at a Florida senator's plan that Biden warned would reward corporations while harming the middle class.


"Our economy has gone from being on the mend, to on the move," Biden said while acknowledging that "families all across America are hurting because of inflation."

The White House released a fact sheet ahead of the speech saying that inflation is Biden's top economic priority. He added during the remarks that he believes lowering inflation is also the Federal Reserve's top priority. To accomplish this, the Biden administration proposes raising taxes on corporations and "the wealthiest Americans."

The fact sheet contrasts this approach with a plan set forth by Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) that the White House describes as a new minimum tax on the middle class translating to an average of almost $1,500 less in real income each year. The claim refers to a document issued by Scott that proposes all Americans pay an income tax, though most Republicans have shied away from it. Biden at one point referred to the Florida lawmaker as a senator from Wisconsin.

Biden called on Congress to confirm his nominees to the Federal Reserve, make oil and gas companies pay fees on idled wells located on federal land, and pass clean energy and vehicle tax credits.

At the same time, the president is pushing for the highest fuel economy standards in U.S. history, which he says will help the country decrease its reliance on fossil fuels and ease the transition to electric vehicles. The administration's goal is for half of all cars sold by 2030 to run on electricity.

Biden blamed pandemic-related supply chain issues and the war in Ukraine for inflation, noting that Ukraine has 20 million tons of grain sitting in storage silos that can't be shipped out of the country.

"Normally, we'd already have begun to export them into the market, but it hasn't happened because of the invasion," he said.

Biden repeated claims that only four companies process most of the meat in America, saying that industry consolidation has led to record profits for them and higher prices for most voters. The same thing is happening with oil.

"The fact is that the average cost of a barrel of oil has been steady for weeks," Biden said. "So why do gas prices keep going up so high?"

Republicans, by contrast, have no plans to bring down energy prices today or to get the United States into a clean energy future, he added. While touting a minimum tax for corporations, he said the Scott plan includes new minimum taxes for individuals.

"The congressional Republican plan? Let them off Scott-free," Biden said, repeatedly calling the GOP agenda "MAGA" or "ultra-MAGA."

The remarks concluded with Biden saying Republicans want to put Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare up for a vote every five years, which he predicted they would use as leverage to get other priorities passed.


He finished by asking voters which party they want running Congress for the next two years.

"We need a government focused on what families actually need," said Biden. "Think about what Republicans in Congress are actually proposing. Which path is right for you, and for your family, and, frankly, for America? Let's build on the extraordinary progress we've made instead of tearing it down."