Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore rescued an NBC News reporter who was in danger of being knocked off his feet due to the powerful winds from Hurricane Michael.

NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders was in Panama City Beach, Fla., as the storm made landfall nearby Wednesday afternoon. The hurricane was a powerful Category 4 storm at the time, boasting sustained maximum winds of 155 miles per hour, but there were stronger wind gusts.

At one point, the wind threatened to make Sanders lose his balance and video of that moment shows Cantore walk over and guide Sanders over to a pillar before he ran inside for safety.

"My long time friend @JimCantore just rescued me as #hurricanemicheal was too strong for my balance during a live report. I’m inside and safe. Thanks Jim & @weatherchannel," Sanders said in a tweet.

He later shared photos of himself and Cantore with a battered batter's helmet, saying it helped prevent a concussion. Sanders also said he was blown into a concrete pillar and thanked the Weather Channel veteran once again. "Thank you my friend. You’ve taught me again, back-up support always needed," he tweeted.

Cantore is no stranger to covering inclement weather for TV, including hurricanes. But despite his years of experience and knowledge of what to do in dangerous conditions, he too still is vulnerable to danger every time he places himself out in the middle of a storm.

For instance, video clips of him outside reporting live on Hurricane Michael showed him nearly getting hit by debris, which in Category 4 hurricane winds would be extremely dangerous.