A waitress in New York was having none of a "creepy" customer who attempted to give his phone number to "underage girls" and uttered homophobic slurs.

The man entered the Massapequa Diner on Long Island and allegedly began "staring at and trying to solicit his phone number" to a group of girls around 11 p.m. Saturday, according to a report. A clip of the incident went viral on TikTok.


After his efforts to pass around his number failed, the man launched into a sexist and anti-gay and lesbian tirade.

At this point, a waitress, identified as Sondra Albert, told the man to leave because employees "didn't want to wait on him, either," according to the report.

The ensuing incident was captured on camera and posted to TikTok by 21-year-old Louis Cozzolino.

"He was being repeatedly rude, calling her a b****," Cozzolino said. "Sondra is the nicest person ever, and for her to get like that, I knew the guy was a p****."

"Honestly, nobody wants to wait on you. We're asking very nicely, so please just leave," Albert told the man, according to footage of the incident. "You're not going to call me a b****, you're not going to sit near my boss's wife, you're not going to call people a lesbian — you sure as hell ain't going to look at underage girls."

The condemnation of the man's actions was greeted by applause by the diner's patrons.

"I don't want to look at underage girls," the man said.

"You're a pedophile and freak, and you deserve to be locked up in Bellevue," Albert shot back. "And that's all I gotta say, and I'm asking you nicely."

The man refused to respect the wishes of the waitress.

"I'll kick your a**. ... You don't frighten me for one minute — the way you speak about people who are lesbians and young children," she said.


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The man uttered an indistinct defense of his actions.

"Oh, you're so frigging full of s***," Albert replied. "Tell it to somebody who cares. You're not wanted here."

The man said Albert was biased against him and refused to serve him two weeks prior, according to the report.

"I didn't want to serve you for no reason?" Albert responded. "Did you take a good look in the mirror?"


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The confrontation ended after Nassau County police were called and the man "volunteered" to leave.

The incident was captured in two TikTok videos posted by Cozzolino.


The first video has garnered over 7 million views, and the second has received close to 700,000.