Actress Amber Heard took the stand Wednesday in her ex-husband's defamation trial against her to tell her side of the story.

Johnny Depp's legal team rested its case in the $50 million suit Tuesday over an op-ed Heard wrote about being in a violent relationship with Depp.

"I struggle to find the words of how painful this is," Heard said. "This is horrible for me to sit here for weeks and relive everything."


Heard testified that the "lines were blurred" while filming The Rum Diaries alongside Depp in 2011, claiming he used his tongue in their first scripted kiss. Later, Depp allegedly lifted the back of Heard's bathrobe while she was in her dressing room. Both actors were in relationships at the time. After filming was over, Heard claimed she was "startled" by a phone call from Depp inviting her over to his home, which she declined.

"When I was around Johnny, I felt like the most beautiful person in the world," Heard said of the time they had both separated from their partners and begun dating each other in 2012.

The two kept the relationship a secret, however, on account of Depp not yet having gone public with his separation from singer/actress Vanessa Paradis.

The two liked the same "obscure books," poetry, and wine, according to Heard. Depp was very "generous," according to Heard, giving her, her parents, and friends gifts. Depp invited her to his private island in the Bahamas on one occasion. Heard gave Depp one particular gift of note, which was a knife with the Spanish phrase "until death" engraved on it. She chose the phrase because it was one Depp often said to her, which she found "romantic."

Eventually, Depp began criticizing Heard for the clothes she wore and acting roles she accepted, according to Heard's testimony. At times, Depp allegedly became so angry that he would throw things, flip tables, or hit the wall.

"He loves to smash up a place," Heard said of Depp.

Depp allegedly first slapped Heard in 2012 after she laughed at his tattoo that supposedly read, "Wino." Heard claimed she kept laughing, and he slapped her again and called her a b****.

"If I left that room, I'd be leaving the best thing that happened to me," Heard said. She testified that Depp almost immediately apologized and promised never to do it again.

The actress went on to testify that Depp would hold her down to slap her, which evolved to hitting her with a closed fist, slamming her against the wall, and hitting her in the face so hard her nose allegedly bled. Often, Depp would leave and return with promises of getting sober, according to Heard. She testified that Depp had been on a number of drugs, including cocaine, quaaludes, and other opiates.

Heard claimed that the first time she did drugs with Depp was on a flight to Russia in 2013 in an attempt to be "the fun girlfriend." The two allegedly took MDMA, which Heard described as a "lovey drug."

Meanwhile, the hashtag "I stand with Amber Heard" began trending on Twitter.

Throughout Heard's testimony, Depp rarely looked up at her on the stand. Instead, he looked down or at his lawyer while wearing tinted glasses for the majority of Heard's statements.

"I looked at that man twice my age and I saw hope and promise," Heard said of Depp as she watched him struggle with drugs. "I had so much hope."


Due to a judicial conference, Depp's trial against Heard will be in recess next week and will resume on May 16.

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