Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called out President Joe Biden, saying the public wants and needs hope.

Fox’s Tucker Carlson credited Patrick for having the forethought months ago to consider the impact that the COVID-19 response would have on children.

“What’s the real principle? They have no hope,” Patrick said. “They’re divisive. They look for someone to blame their failures on.”

Patrick likened the Biden administration to someone who wants to stop the hope of the Christmas season.

“They are the blue Grinch that wants to steal Christmas,” Patrick said, talking about hope and faith. “[Biden] will not take [Christmas hope] away from us because we are a nation built on the word of God, and we have hope.”

The Texas Republican rejected the notion that individuals who do not wear masks or choose to not be vaccinated are anti-American. Instead, he said Biden’s lack of securing the border, keeping inflation low, and standing on founding principles are unpatriotic.

"We had presidents to inspire us, whether it was Roosevelt who said, 'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,' or what Bush said after 9/11," he said, noting that Americans do not cower and commending their resilient spirit over time.

“Whether it’s the Nazis, the terrorists, or the China virus, we have hope. We have strength,” he added. “If you have hope and strength, you have peace. But this president does not know what that is.”


Patrick could not give a prediction for who he thinks will run for president in 2024, but he did say America will be looking for someone who can return America to its founding principles and bring people hope.