Media personality Megyn Kelly criticized CNN for even thinking its digital streaming platform, CNN+, might experience success, noting the company decided to offer more of what people are already not watching.

Kelly blasted CNN for pushing away viewers, saying Republicans used to watch the cable network before its anchors began mocking former President Donald Trump and his voters.

“They telegraphed their hatred, not just for Trump but the right half of the country,” Kelly said.

During her SiriusXM show Friday, Kelly claimed CNN+ died this week because people don't want more hate, an unadmitted agenda, or more Brian Stelter.

However, Kelly’s guest, YouTuber Steven Crowder, said he hopes Stelter remains with CNN, despite reports that Chris Licht, the network’s new president, has plans to return to “hard news” coverage and offer less commentary.

“I want him there,” Crowder said. “Rather than have to present the leftist argument, I just want Brian Stelter to be there as a mascot.”

Crowder noted that Stelter is great for his Louder with Crowder show’s material.

Kelly, a former Fox News host, noted CNN’s ratings have fallen 56% since 2021. The network is currently averaging fewer than 700,000 overall viewers out of more than 300 million people possible during prime time.

“I would have been fired so fast at Fox News if I had been averaging anything close to that in the overall number. We were averaging over 3 million,” Kelly said. “They’re under 700,000 in the overall — that’s the easy number to get. And around 165,000 in the key demographic of 25 to 54-year-olds, which is the main number they care about, because that’s what they can base their advertising fees on.”

In a CNN all-staff meeting to announce the end of its streaming platform, Licht, who will take over as CNN's CEO on May 1, told employees that CNN+ had an “incredibly successful launch," but he noted that it was incompatible with the newly merged company's plans, as reported by CNN. "It is not your fault that you had the rug pulled out from underneath you," he said.


Kelly and Crowder went on to blast Disney for its “social engineering” after Florida stripped the entertainment company of its self-governing privileges last week.

“Now, you see people on the Left saying this is hypocritical because people on the Right are now allowing a governor to silence people for having a different point of view," Crowder said. "If that was actually taking place, I would agree. But it’s not.”

“What you’re seeing is Disney trying to overturn the will of the people with political power and clout. And you’re seeing people from out of state try and come in and influence the politics of Florida, and that’s not market driven,” Crowder continued. “It’s not what Americans want, and then, in my opinion, it becomes social engineering. It’s not capitalism.”


Kelly and Crowder also discussed how the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial is displaying a need for divorce law reform so spouses, especially husbands, do not resist getting help out of fear that content shared in counseling could be used against them in court.