South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem demanded that President Joe Biden retract federal COVID-19 mandates after he claimed that “there is no federal solution.”

When Fox’s Kayleigh McEnany told the governor that her fight against mandates appears to only be met with Biden preaching new ones, Noem said it’s not his place.

“That's interesting to me that the president is so bold in saying that there is no federal solution yet continuing to impose mandates on the country,” Noem said. “The fact is that he doesn't have the authority to put these mandates in place.”

The South Dakota governor appeared on Fox & Friends, saying that states should be the ones to take care of their people.

“It’s so important that [people] have a beacon of hope,” Noem said. “Actions that we’ve taken here [in South Dakota] has shown people that when you do protect those freedoms and those liberties, that it really does create more opportunities and a better future for the people that live under that kind of environment.”

Noem noted that her state and many others are challenging the mandates in court. She expects they will be reversed.

“That will be heard here in January, and we'll win,” Noem added. “We'll win because this president has taken unprecedented action to impose on the liberties and freedoms of the American people. And sometimes the only ones that are left to fight are the governors.”


The governor touted her state’s economy and historic revenues as proof that preserving individual freedoms and liberties is key to the management of the crisis.