Former Trump 2016 campaign manager and senior counselor to President Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway was welcomed to The View Tuesday to discuss her just-released memoir, Here’s the Deal. Opening up about the struggle she experienced when her husband and daughter began lobbing public criticisms at her boss, Conway warned she "will never forgive or forget" those who took advantage of her child for clicks.

Of daughter Claudia Conway's social media rants, Kellyanne said, "Claudia was doing what a lot of teenagers do: pushing back on authority, mom and dad, posting TikToks, and getting on Twitter, etc."

"What I don't appreciate, and will never forgive or forget, are a bunch of adults direct messaging my 15-year-old daughter, without even trying to reach easy-to-reach parents."

When husband George Conway began his Twitter campaign against the president, she said, "I felt like there was another woman in our life."

"I couldn't compete with a tweet. And why would I?" she asked. "Why would I compete with Twitter? She's not even hot."

"I think the public nature of it was so jarring to me because" George was "privately brilliant" but became "publicly bombastic," said Conway.


According to her, "George does not owe fealty or loyalty to Donald Trump or any political ideology. The vows were to me: to love, honor, and cherish."

She explained that it was her husband's prerogative to disagree with her boss. However, a sort of "folk hero syndrome with the mainstream media" began.

Conway fawned over her husband and children, despite the public familial challenges she faced, which ultimately resulted in her departure from the White House. "He's brilliant," she said of George, adding that Claudia is "brilliant and beautiful, objectively."

According to Conway, George initially encouraged her to work for Trump, pledging his support to help more with their family. She explained that his change of heart regarding the president came after.

"I'm very raw and open and vulnerable in this book," she told the hosts. "And the reason is that I have been in the middle of incredible opportunities and also wild dramas and traumas, and I've come out on the other side very whole, very happy, very hopeful — and also, a lot of love in my heart for George."

"We share four children, we've been married for two decades," she added.


During the episode, Conway also discussed her frustrating relationship with Ivanka Trump's husband, Jared Kushner, who she said tried to box her out, keeping her from TV appearances and meetings. "He got in my way," she explained, calling his presence in the White House "an extended, chaotic 'take your kid to work' day."

She added that Kushner has since apologized, telling her that he's writing his own book.